quick readings and videos on climate change

Nasa | April 2022 | NASA Scientist Discovers New Means to Measure Snow Depth from Space

BBC | April 2022 | Climate change: IPCC scientists report five ways to save the planet

nature.com | Februray 2022 | Climate change is hitting the planet faster than scientists originally thought

energytransition.org | April 2022 |  LNG terminals for Germany: Part I – Brief history and state of play

energytransition.org | April 2022 | LNG terminals for Germany Part II: Climate impacts, possible suppliers and priorities in an energy and climate crisis

studentenergy.org Feb. 2020 | Policy, Access, and Decentralization: Diving into the energy system with Rachel Kyte

Procon.org - Feb. 2022 | History of Alternative Energy and Fossil Fuels

Science Jounal for Teens - Feb. 2022 | How does air pollution affect people differently

American Studies Blog - Dec. 2021 | Clicks for the Future: Alternative Search Engines Help Students Surf the Web Sustainably

Washington Post - Dec. 2021 | Native Americans’ farming practices may help feed a warming world

BBC - Oct. 26, 2021 | COP26: What is the Glasgow climate conference and why is it important?

Dr. Katharine Wilkinson  and Prof. Dr. Catrin Gersdorf

BBC - Oct.13, 2021 | What is climate change? A really simple guide

Washington Post - Aug. 9, 2021 | Why we shouldn’t give in to climate despair

Time - Jul. 19,2021 |The Climate Crisis Is a Call to Action.

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