Frequently asked questions about TeachAboutUS.



Entry link: Can my students access the TeachAboutUS platform from their smartphones and tablets?


Entry link: Do I have to do all the classroom work to participate in the competition?

Entry link: Do I have to participate in the competition?


Entry link: How can I get access to the tasks and materials on TeachAboutUS?

Entry link: How can my students enroll in our course?

Entry link: How does the project incorporate language study and practice?

Entry link: How long will the project last and what is the time frame for participation?


Entry link: I am a U.S. teacher and want to work together with a German colleague. What should I do?

Entry link: I am teaching CLIL classes. Can we participate?

Entry link: I am teaching young learners. Can we participate?

Entry link: I have a partner school/course in the U.S. Can we participate as a team?

Entry link: I have never used Moodle before. Will I be able to use it in class? Where can I get support?

Entry link: I've found a partner. What should we do now?

Entry link: If I don't find a transatlantic project partner, what other options of transatlantic collaboration are there?


Entry link: My school doesn’t have a U.S. partner. Can we find partners online?

Entry link: My school doesn’t provide the infrastructure to use e-learning regularly. What can I do?

Entry link: My school’s curriculum is packed. How can I fit Going Green into my courses?

Entry link: My students and I are concerned about data security. How are their data protected?


Entry link: There are several colleagues at my school who want to participate with their courses. Is this possible?


Entry link: What are some suggestions and activities for such a partnership?

Entry link: Who can participate? What is the target group?

Entry link: Will the TeachAboutUS platform be accessible after the project?