Blackout – Wake Up and See the Truth

School: Humboldt Gymnasium
City: Potsdam
Class/Course: English course 10B 
Teacher(s): Silke Meyfarth
Our Plan:  
"Fridge. Light. Internet. Luxury. The life in our modern world is connected, no it is dependent on electricity. What would we do without all the devices that are connected to the power network and help us to master our daily life?
The plug into the socket, let's turn on the lights ... who cares about the power sources? It works!
But our prosperous life has a huge impact on the environment - it might not be directly visible but it's consequences are incredible. You don't feel the earth warming when you turn on the light, but we all notice it with all the hundreds of thousands of lights burning.
In the short film a hacker wants to draw the people's attention on their lifestyle - and what would be more effective than a huge power outage in the United States?
So did he and demands the government to draw up binding plans for the switch to renewable energies - pressuring them with a 48 hours countdown. And then? Who knows ..."

More Info:  

Going Green Award 2018

The jury emphasizes the elaborate video production and creative story line intended to raise awareness of energy security and the need for conservation.

Year: 2017/18

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