Small Steps for a Big Change

Schools: Wilhelm-Kraft-Gesamtschule des Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreises, Berrien Springs High School
City: Sprockhövel, Berrien Springs
Class/Course: English course Q1, Current Events
Teacher(s): Martina Westermann, John Vitek
Our Plan:  
"German and American students teamed up to calculate and compare their ecological footprint, examine the effects of human activities on the environment and contemplate on possible solutions. In small groups assigned to the four modules Food, Recycle, Fashion and City, they investigated if and how their ideas could be put into practice. The four action plan boards are a reflection and collection of small and simple steps that teenagers in rural America and small town Germany can take towards a greener world."


More Info:  

Going Green Award 2018

The jury emphasizes the professional presentation of complex research data and inspiring online collaboration between students of both schools.

Year: 2017/18

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