Our Sustainability Zone

School: Oberstufenzentrum Landkreis Teltow-Fläming
City: Ludwigsfelde
Class/Course: English course 17/5
Teacher(s): Patrick Emmelmann
Our Plan:  
"We worked in different groups and tried to come up with ideas and action plans. We worked on different ideas our school would benefit from that would be useful for us, the students, make our school nicer and ultimately (...) a more pleasant place to go to.
The first idea is a water dispenser to provide the students with fresh water throughout a normal school day. The second idea are so called "Power lockers" that the students can use in order to recharge their mobile devices. By using alternative energy sources, both ideas include a sustainable aspect to safe energy at our school in order to work independently without using conventional sources of energy."



More Info:  

Going Green Award 2018

The jury applauds the concrete measures to promote sustainable behavior in everyday school life in the two vital areas of drinking water and renewable energy supply.

Year: 2017/18

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