Leinwig's Lasting Lead – the Road to Sustainability

School: Gymnasium Essen-Werden
City: Essen
Class/Course: English course grade 12
Teacher(s): Karsten Brill
Our Plan:

This is our video entry for the competition “Power to the people: Project week: Renewable energy in the community“

12th graders Julia and Jordi analyzed the data provided and came up with an action plan for the fictional community of Leinwig.

Not all information could be fit in the video so an additional Power Point presentation will give an insight into how the cIty‘s energy challenge can be solved.




More Info:  

Going Green Award 2018

The jury applauds the course’s implementation of the interdisciplinary project week curriculum, their engagement in research-based learning, and their documentation of a community energy plan in an online video.

Year: 2017/18
In the media

Preis für besonderes Planspiel | WAZ | 20.04.2018

Werdener Gymnasium bei Going Green-Wettbewerb | lokalkompass.de (Essen-Werden) | 23.04.2018

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