BK Halle Goes Green

School: Berufskolleg Halle (Westf.)
City: Halle (Westf.)
Class/Course: Gesellschaftslehre mit Geschichte bilingual
Teacher(s): Carla Merschhaus
Our Plan:  
The students of Berufskolleg Halle say: "We tried to make school life at BK Halle (Westf.) as a whole more sustainable." And indeed, their green action plan involves different initiatives targeting the issues of fashion, transportation, and recycling.
The group surveyed their fellow students about their attitudes and background knowledge regarding the social and environmental contexts of the garment industry, which revealed a need for raising awareness of these issues. In response, the students made plans for a PSA campaign at their school, and in June, they will organize a flea market to promote a slow-fashion approach among their peers.
Another result revealed by the sustainability survey is that students use too many disposable coffee cups. To mitigate this issue, the students want to reinvest their revenues from the flea market to provide reusable coffee cups to BK Halle students. 
Finally, a new carpooling initiative will be introduced on their school's website starting August 2018. They hope to thereby reduce car traffic to and from the school. 



More Info:  

Going Green Award 2018

The jury applauds the comprehensive hands-on approach to inspire fellow students to go green by organizing a carpooling initiative, a flea market, and introducing reusable coffee cups in their school.

Year: 2017/18

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