Life for Skins

School: Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium
City: Neubrandenburg
Class/Course: English course grade 12
Teacher(s): Petra Wittner
Our Plan:  

"Imagine you had to walk into the forest to hunt animals for producing your own clothes. Would you? Probably you would not, but why are so many people wearing real fur or animal skin? Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between real and unreal fur. That is why it is important to inform yourself about your clothes and the origin of the pelt."
The students of AEG Neubrandenburg came up with the idea of organizing a flash mob to promote animal advocacy. In the midst of winter, a student, dressed in light summer clothes, stood in a busy town square with her eyes blindfolded and a poster that read “You protect your skin, why make an exception for animals? Set an example against fur by drawing a heart on my body!” And that's exactly what many passers-by did. The students recorded their initiative on video and posted it online to inspire others to follow their example and come up with their own ideas to protect animals.


Video and collage

More Info:  

Going Green Award 2018

The jury emphasizes the thought-provoking approach to sustainability in the fashion sector by staging a flash mob and promoting animal advocacy.

Year: 2017/18

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