Going Green Together – A German-American Sustainability School Project

School: Louise-Henriette-Gymnasium, Odyssey Charter School
City: Oranienburg, Wilmington (USA)
Class/Course: Projectweek (7-12), Social Studies
Teacher(s): Jens Rösener, Melissa Tracy
Our Plan:  

"We were delighted to work together with Odyssey Charter School during our project week. Creating a blog helped us understand that schools in the USA and Germany put sustainability on top of their agenda and Odyssey introduced several ideas which we could also adapt at our school.
Our idea for an action plan would be to have a mutual awareness day at Odyssey and LHG. When we heard that American school try to keep their campuses plastic free, we thought about adapting this idea. A great start could be a plastic free day at our school and at Odyssey.
Apart from that, we learned how important it is to exchange ideas and to learn from one another. We were surprised to learn how much effort grassroot activists in the US put into this topic and believe that this is something Germans can learn a lot from. Therefore, let's go green together!"




More Info:  

Going Green Award 2018

The jury emphasizes the creativity of the blog, the transatlantic cooperation, and the joint plan for a plastic-free day at both schools.

Year: 2017/18

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