If I don't find a transatlantic project partner, what other options of transatlantic collaboration are there?

German participants, who represent the majority of enrolled learners in this platform, can initiate discussions and exchanges beyond classroom borders in shared forums and databases in the Virtual Town Hall. Other options are: 

  • Posting questions to our team of U.S. experts (in both projects) during their 'expert weeks'. Information on this will be posted in the Virtual Town Hall during the project and student questions will be collected and forwarded to our experts regularly. Their answers will be posted in Teach About US Blog
  • We are fortunate to have a team of young university students on board as our bloggers for Teach About US. They will report about timely issues from the perspective of your students' peers in the U.S. Would you like to organize an e-mail exchange or a Skype interview with them? Let us know and we will help you organize this (contact Joannis Kaliampos).