I have never used Moodle before. Will I be able to use it in class? Where can I get support?

Yes, there are several sources of useful support for teachers and students. Through our detailed classroom research in previous e-learning projects we are well aware that this will be the first e-learning experience for many participants. TeachAboutUS provides ready-to-use materials for participants and does not require prior experience with Moodle. Teacher trainings on using Moodle for Going Green will take place for participant teachers in the Berlin and Brandenburg area in September 2015 ( see Going Green / Upcoming Events ). In addition, we produced learning materials (The Book 'Basic Course Management' can be found in the first section in the Virtual Town Hall) explaining the use of this platform along with teaching tips and background information about the platform and links to support materials by the Moodle community. Many general and helpful resources on using Moodle can also be found at http://moodle.org/ (go to the tab “documentation”).