My students and I are concerned about data security. How are their data protected?

It is good that you consider this issue and we encourage teachers and students to make this a discussion point in their courses, especially if this your first encounter with e-learning. We can assure your privacy and personal information are securely protected on the TeachAboutUS platform.

This platform has been jointly developed under the expertise of LIVE e.V./eXplorarium, a non-profit e-learning specialist based in Berlin. It has been accredited and co-funded by the Berlin Senate of Education, Science, and Research and the European Social Fund. LIVE e.V. is partner of many schools in Berlin with now more than 25 years of experience in school cooperation projects. It also played a leading role in the development and administration of the U.S. Embassy School Election Project 2012 and its Moodle platform, in which more than 1,400 German students participated in a comparable e-learning project and mock election of the U.S. President.

All files and personal and communication data generated on TeachAboutUS can be deleted at your wish. Learn more about LIVE e.V. at and their e-learning section ‘eXplorarium’ at  and have a look at our privacy policies (insert link).