How can I get access to the tasks and materials on TeachAboutUS?

Register here at and we will inform you once the online course is open for classroom use (if it isn't already). For both projects, you will find a preview course under the Going Green and US Election tab.

We will provide you and your students with a password secured e-classroom, i.e. a learning area with all tasks and materials where you can work and communicate in a protected environment. To register your own e-classroom, please send an email to, preferrably from your school e-mail account so that you can be immetiately identified as a teacher, stating:

  • Name of teacher:
  • E-mail:
  • Bundesland/town:
  • Name of school:
  • Class grade:
  • Participation with a partner school (yes/no):

Please note that your students will have to register as well in order to get access to this e-classroom. Registration is simple and secure, and can be completed in not more than two minutes. In addition, for both projects (Going Green, US Election) there is a Virtual Town Hall, i.e. a public space where all registered students and teachers in the project can meet and communicate beyond classroom borders.

Here is a tutorial for registering your account on Teach About US: