Act locally: Our Bike Day, our Donation to the Peace Village in Oberhausen and Teaching Refugees

School: Gymnasium Alsdorf
City: Alsdorf
Class/Course: Q1 und Schülervertretung
Teacher(s): Anissa Schiffer
Our Plan:  

Bike Day - Unfortunately the Going Green Team of our school (Gymnasium der Stadt Alsdorf) discovered quite a lot students (one third) take the bus for a short distance, their parents drive them or they use their own car to get to school. These results are alarming!!! You should think globaly and act locally! The Going Green team and the SV took care of the realization of a Bike Day. We searched for sponsors and plenty organizations were willing to support the initiative to prevent exhaust fumes. The students noticed the upcoming Bike Day through posters and announcements. This lead to discussions and interest among the classes. We made it a competition with prizes to motivate the students. 207 students participated in the competition. Since we are a small school this number was a great success. The feedback of our headmaster, teachers and students was so encouraging that we want to have another Bike Day this summer.

Donating Clothes

If we turn on the television or read the newspaper, almost daily images of war and terror, of destroyed houses, injured people, of senseless destruction and boundless misery dominate our news. Such images are the reality for innocent children. That is why we wanted to help. We wrote a letter to all parents and students of our school and informed about the action of our Going GreenTeam – donating clothes. The entire donation was taken to the Peace Village in Oberhausen. There children stay an average of six months to be treated by doctors and can forget the war at home for some time. We have moved many to be active.

Teaching refugees

The number of people forced to flee their homes has reached record levels. We spontaneously felt that it is also part of Going Green to think about integration. We started informing other students who were willing to help, some of them with knowledge of the Arabic language or speaking Arabic themselves. Volunteers (teachers and students) taught German from October to December at our school.  Switching from German to English to Arabic and back was a big challenge.

On our own website we present information about all our actions for example the ongoing project of installing a water dispenser. You will find personal challenges, interviews (skype-conferences), photos of our actions, powerpoint presentations on different topics, articles (links to newspaper articles), etc. Enjoy!

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Year: 2015/16

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