Awareness Programme

School: Lycée Francais Victor Hugo
City: Frankfurt am Main
Class/Course: English (grade 11)
Teacher(s): Frederic Morvany
Our Plan:  

Air pollution was the focus of our concern.

We looked at the different sources of pollution, compared countries, sources and solutions.

Then we designed posters and display work with on this theme. The colleague who teaches science in English also took part: the students prepared experiments involving plants, polluting material and measuring equipment to show what effects pollution could have on nature, and on us.

Eventually, we came with a host of posters and solutions to reduce air pollution in everyday life.

This was all organized on a one morning event during which middle schoolers and primary school students (all from our school) came to our conference room, where they were taken through a route (science, film, activites such as the living tree, and the solutions posters).

More Info:  
Year: 2015/16

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