It's going on: Sustainability Ambassadors

School: Schubart-Gymnasium
City: Aalen
Class/Course: 9a
Teacher(s): Bettina Schönherr, Ms Garmann, Ms Sachs
Our Plan: Sustainability Ambassadors to Primary Schools
We decided that we would like to reach a younger audience with our project. Therefore we want you  be active as sustainability ambassadors in numerous primary schools in and around Aalen.  We want to teach them about sustainability and do some upcycling tasks with them.

Schubart PortfolioDoing Going green for the third time this year it was a real challenge to find a new topic and go into a different direction. Since we have gained a lot of experience, we discussed our ideas and came to the conclusion that we should try to reach younger children with our project because they are the future generation to live in our world and take care of it.

We thought it would be great to visit the Year 4 students in their primary schools in and around Aalen to teach them something about sustainability and to make them aware of it.

Teaching them does not only mean to give them some input but also to give them the chance to make something with their hands, something they can see, feel, smell etc. Therefore, we decided to do a theoretical part at the beginning and a more practical one afterwards.

You will find our ideas for different activities attached.

More Info: "It's going on!" - Read this convincing portfolio.
Prize: Sustainable Community Outreach and Engagement Prize
Year: 2016/17
In the media

Going Green | Schubart-Gymnasium Aalen | April 2016

Next Step:

Unfortunately, it is not easy to find suitable dates with the primary schools since everyone always seems to be very busy. This is why we will only be able to take our new role as sustainability ambassadors after the Pentecost holidays.

Concerning my Year 9 students, they are very motivated for their mission because during last year's project they found out that they can really move something and that they can interest different people in the work we are doing.

Going Green is also important for the whole school since we are on the way to become a more sustainable school by introducing a sustainability curriculum for all our classes.

For teachers it always means a different way of „teaching“, preparing and organizing a lot of things, sometimes even to have some sleepless nights. But I think we as teachers are responsible for our students to learn not only for school but also for life. Going Green is a very good project to achieve this goal- it is really worth a try.

(Bettina Schönherr – tutor)

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