Reusing old plastic bottles

School: Schubart-Gymnasium
City: Aalen
Class/Course: 8b
Teacher(s): Mr Widinger + Ms Gold
Our Plan: Using old plastic bottles and other plastic things for new things in daily life

We are class 8b of Schubart-Gymnasium Aalen.
Together with our tutor Mr Widinger and our Art teacher Mrs Gold we decided to work on Upcycling.

We know that we should avoid plastic at all – if possible, but we thought about what we could do with old plastic bottles and other plastic things instead of throwing them away.

First of all we searched for different posssibilities to use old plastic bottles. We found quite a lot so that we were able to produce many different things. Afterwards we made posters to show our steps of work.

Upcycling  Upcycling

Together with Mrs Schönherr we went to the „Sustainability Day" at the Hochschule Aalen to present our pieces of Art. That was very good since many people came and gave us positive feedback. Some of them even decided to try some of our things at home themselves!!

More Info: Take a look at the other projects from Schubart-Gymnasium.
Prize: Sustainable Community Outreach and Engagement Prize
Year: 2016/17
Next Step: This is actually good to see. Maybe we can also inspire you to do the same!!

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