Owls and pillows

School: Schubart-Gymnasium
City: Aalen
Class/Course: 8a + 5c
Teacher(s): Bettina Schönherr + Ms Schulze
Our Plan: Making owl pillows from old clothes collected at school.
A team building sustainable project of 8a and 5c SG Aalen.

Owl pillowHaving done Going Green two years ago for the first time with our class this year our whole school decided to have the yearly motto „Think sustainably – take responsibility“.

Highly motivated we started to plan our project for Going Green together with our teachers Mrs Schulze and Mrs Schönherr. First of all we discussed possible topics and ideas. Then we took votes and came to the decision that we want to work together with one of our Year 5 classes because they were new at our school and should learn something about it. We decided to collect and recycle old clothes and sew little owl pillows of them. We would like to sell them at our „Schulfest“ at the end of the year and then use the money for more green actions.

But that is not enough, we also made a plan how to integrate class 5c in our project. Sewing the pillows was in our thoughts not enough. Therefore we planned a little presentation on sustainability for them


Aalen clasesWe have not finished the whole project yet, but can tell you what has happened so far. We met with the Year 5 students for four times (during some lessons and in the afternoon) and sewed about 20 pillows together. We are planning to sew even some more.

We also went to a lesson of class 5c to tell them something about climate change. They were very interested and also agreed to change something in their lifes. That was a great step forward!!!

We also presented our project at the „Sustainability Day“ at the Hochschule Aalen. That was a good experience for us, and we were able to learn more things and get new ideas.

We hope to achieve something with our project and to make more people aware that they should care about our earth we live on.

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Prize: Sustainable Community Outreach and Engagement Prize
Year: 2016/17
Next Step: We would like to sell them at our „Schulfest“ at the end of the year and then use the money for more green actions.

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