Aska Awareness Day

School: Askanisches Gymnasium
City: Berlin
Class/Course: E 31 (Grade 11)
Teacher(s): Matthias Klaudius
Our Plan: The Aska Awareness Day
Action LogoWe are happy to announce that we will host an awareness day at our school, which is going to be all about going green and becoming more sustainable. 
Besides presenting the issue and solution ideas of the topics plastic, food, building and fashion, we will organize guided tours through our school to show where our school building turned eco-friendly over the last years and where we are still lacking. To reach our students on a personal level, we will hand out questionnaires to them so everyone has to think about his habits and how he is affecting the environment through his lifestyle. On the awareness day, the evaluated results will be presented to the students.
We want to motivate our guests to become more active and to spread the message. To motivate them, we will explain how to create a makeshift garden at home, host a clothing swap market and show how to re-design old clothes that are this way saved from the trash container. The best recreations and the results of the questionnaire will be featured in our school magazine and we want to inform about our progress on our school web page as well.
With our project, we hope to reach the Aska students and raise awareness for the topic to make a change.

March 2015 - Aska Awareness Day:

"Wie im "Aska goes green" Blog des Englischleistungskurses E31 angekündigt, findet für die 7. Klassen am 27.03.15 der ASKA Awareness Day statt. Schülerinnen und Schüler des Kurses werden die siebten Klassen auf eine 90 minütige Umwelttour mitnehmen. Sie haben sechs Stationen vorbereitet, um für verschiedene Umweltprobelme zu sensibilisieren und über Möglichkeiten zu informieren wie man diesen begegnen kann, getreu dem Motto: "Think Globally, Act Locally"."

Illustrated Report

More Info: Blog "Aska goes green"
Prize: 1st Runner-up: Community Engagement Award
Year: 2014
Reports on School Homepage: Aska goes Green - Dec. 2014

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