I've found a partner. What should we do now?

Once you've found a colleague overseas who is willing to start a cooperation between both courses, let our webadministrator, Katja Krüger (krueger@life-online.de), know about this (unless we have matched you with your partner). The most convenient form of collaboration is to enroll students from both classes in the same Moodle course. We will provide you with two enrollment keys for your course - one for German students and one for U.S. students - so that they automatically belong to two separate groups within the course. In your course, your students can do the tasks in parallel mode and exchange their findings in Skype calls or a forum and document them in the course journal or blog. You can also insert a forum for planning purposes that is only available to you and your teacher colleague. Simply set it to 'invisible' so your students will not be able to see or access it.

For both school projects, the standard Moodle course now contains a course journal, course forum, a database, and a glossary at the top of the course page. These are not attached to a specific task and can be used flexibly, for example for collaboration and communication beyond classroom borders.