Newsletter April 2023

Newsletter April 2023

by Taieb Oussaifi -
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Newletter April 2023

Dear Teachers,

We're looking forward to the conclusion of this year's Going Green project with some promising student action plans for greening your schools and communities.

There is still an opportunity to enter the competition and submit Action Plans developed by your students until Friday 5/26/2023.

These past few months have been very exciting for us and we're seeing great ideas and projects blooming in different parts of the country. The Teach About U.S. Team and our partners would like to encourage all of you who are currently involved in the Going Green project (and of course those who have finished the project earlier in this school year) to submit your idea or concept for sustainable development and we want to stress that we will accept all types of project ideas, big or small!

A contribution can also consist of a plan or projection and does not necessarily have to include a ‘ready’ prototype or executed pilot project. It could also be an extension of your students’ eco-challenges and it can be presented in the form of a text, poster, song, blog, video, photos, and the like -- you and your students decide.


How to submit your course's action plan: One representative of the group has to upload the action plan to the DATABASE: Your sustainability action plan in the Virtual Town Hall. The submission form will also require to include a very short abstract of the project idea and (if possible) a photo or image to be used along with the action plan. If, for whatever reasons, you cannot submit your action plan through Moodle or experience any technical glitches, please send it to Taieb Oussaifi via e-mail

In case you have any question, feedback or need help with the platform, you can send your e-mails directly to our program manager, Taieb Oussaifi at

We will inform you about our plans for a concluding Going Green event and award announcements in our next newsletter. With this, we'd like to wish a bright and warm spring season! Stay tuned.


Prof. Torben Schmidt & Taieb Oussaifi
on behalf of the Teach About U.S. Team and Partners