Going Green 21/22: And the Going Green Prize goes to...

Going Green 21/22: And the Going Green Prize goes to...

by Taieb Oussaifi -
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If this Going Green cycle needs to be titled, there won’t be any better label than “Sustainability in challenging times.” The current pandemic, disinformation on social media, along with the recent wars and the escalation of political tensions, all make it particularly hard and confusing for students. Where is the world heading? Still, let us not forget that in the words of Martha Beck “any deep crisis is an opportunity to make life extraordinary in some way.”  John F. Kennedy also said once “When written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity.” So let us understand the surrounding dangers to create ample opportunities for a better life... That is my philosophy.

I've become passionate about Going Green for the reason that the trend aims to help students seize the opportunity and promote a sustainable and prosperous life for themselves and their communities. If by the end of the program, students understand the importance of taking action to improve the living conditions of their society, if they could read the news critically and learn how to reflect analytically on social, economic and political sustainability-concepts, Going Green would have fully served its purpose.  

The action plans for this cycle could not make us any happier! Students’ initiatives are indeed the best proof that if the world is going somewhere, it is certainly going to “go green!” In fact, despite these difficult times, we were pleasantly surprised by students’ creative ideas and original projects – which, once again, offer a glance of optimism and reaffirm that youth today are clever, knowledgeable and capable of taking the lead.

We are very proud and inspired! Hats off to all students who engaged with Eco-challenges both online and offline. Their efforts should be rewarded. So on behalf of the TAUS team, I am delighted to announce and briefly present the winning projects of the Going Green 20/21 Awards:

The Going Green Best Eco-Friendly Award goes to Bee Hotels – Saving bees!

By Marie-Curie Gymnasium, Bönen.

The 7a class consists of 32 students, aged 12 to 13, many of whom come from migrant backgrounds, namely Ukraine, Turkey, Armenia and Lebanon. This multicultural class organized itself in several groups and started researching innovative ways to green-up their school and city. During three weeks, they came up with stunning ideas and inspiring projects! One of the projects was to create a bee hotel in a school garden and surround it with informative posters to raise awareness as to the importance and usefulness of bees to our eco-system. A wonderful idea, indeed! Especially that bees are my insects, so doing good to them is always highly appreciated. You hit the right spot ;) Bravo!

 Photo Credit: U.S. Consulate General - United States of America

The class 7a at Marie Curie Gymnasium in a memorable picture with the General Consul, Pauline Kao, at the General Consulate of the United States in Düsseldorf.


The Going Green Transatlantic Partnership Award goes to Sustainability: From Ozark, Arkansas, USA to Oranienburg, Germany! and Fashionably Sustainable

By Ozark High School, Arkansas and Louise-Henriette-Gymnasium, Oranienburg

Both schools used Padlet to discuss the impact of sustainability on our lives and share thoughts on the existing differences and similarities between Germany and the U.S., when it comes to sustainability-related topics. Both schools stressed the importance of local solutions.

Students created a guide to upcycling and circulated it through social media. Their aim is to help and encourage people reuse their old outfits instead of throwing them away! Their social media pages contain well-explained and motivating tutorials.


 Louise and her classmates shared fashionable and sustainably homemade clothes that they made on their own with their followers on instagram @fashionably_sustainablelhg. Great job!!

The Going Green Most Creative Project Award goes to Waste Art

By Ozark High School, Arkansas and Louise-Henriette-Gymnasium, Oranienburg

The project seeks to make use of garbage and reduce trash to help overcome pollution and keep the city clean. Students collect trash on the street, thereby cleaning their city, and use what they’ve collected to create artworks and post them on their website and Instagram page @lhg_wasteart to encourage and inspire others to start a similar action.

And last but not least…

The Going Green Best Environmental Song goes to Plastic Song!

By Oberstufenzentrum, Teltow-Fläming

A catchy song with lively vibes and nice rhymes. The song raises awareness on the dangers of plastic pollution in our oceans and points out to the deadly effects it can cause to our environment. That was another brilliant idea and project! Why not an album next time?

With these projects, the Going Green cycle for the school year 21/22 comes to an end. Heartfelt congratulations to all winners for their well-deserved achievements! Students have again confirmed that sustainability, even in challenging times, still prevails... We’re excited and curious to see them participate again and develop new action plans on the latest modules we’re currently releasing.