Newsletter // Jan. 29, 2016

Newsletter // Jan. 29, 2016

by Joannis Kaliampos -
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Teach About US January Update: Ringing in Going Green's hot phase

Going Green now entering the hot project phase. Get involved now and make the project the focus of your course's spring semester.

Teach About US Update // Jan. 29, 2016


Dear Subscriber,

2016 is now upon us, but it’s not too late to wish you and your students a happy and successful new year. The team behind Teach About US is now in its fourth year of cooperating and we’re excited to be offering two school projects this year: Going Green will enter the hot project phase with the beginning of the second school term. And, behind the scenes, our preparations for this year’s U.S. Embassy School Election Project are in well underway now. Read on in our newsletter below.


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This newsletter’s topics at a glance:


Entering Going Green’s hot phase: Get involved and Go Green!

#GoingGreen - Education for Sustainability. An e-learning project for German and U.S. students. Join now! Visit

As you and your students are wrapping up another school semester this week, Going Green is slowly but surely entering the hot project phase. As of today, about 350 students have registered on the Teach about US platform for the project; in total, we are currently counting over 500 enrolled participants. We think that’s great news and we would like to encourage you and your colleagues to participate in the project as well. It is not too late join, we have roughly two more months until the Going Green student competition, and (of course) all materials and e-classrooms will remain online.

Deadline is March 24, 2016 for submitting your course’s contribution to the Going Green competition. All contributions will have to be uploaded in the Virtual Town Hall on Teach About US (or, of this is not possible for whatever reason, e-mail it to Joannis Kaliampos).

Reach out to our U.S. experts, connect with our bloggers, open your classrooms

Please also take advantage of our additional offers: Would you and your students like to organize a Skype session or e-mail exchange with one or both of our U.S. bloggers, Brandon Greenblatt and Julianne Troiano? Would your students like to get in touch with our team of U.S. experts on sustainability? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us directly and we will support you in organizing this learning experience.

For more information, please contact Joannis Kaliampos.

Update: Going Green final events

Participants in the Going Green competition will be invited to regional concluding conferences. Please let us know if your schedule allows for your participation and how many students would attend. We might have to ask you to come with a delegation only, and not with the full group. That’s why we need to have an overview as soon as possible. Even if you are not sure yet, please send me a quick e-mail.
The dates are: We will update programs and registration information for these events on Teach About US as well as in upcoming newsletters, so stay tuned. Your students will be invited to present their project ideas briefly. Guidelines for this will follow soon.

Susanne Schneider joins Teach About US: Get hands-on classroom support

The Teach About US team is very happy to announce that Susanne Schneider (LIFE e.V., Berlin) is joining us as a new team member. Susanne has extensive experience in supporting and training teachers on-site in utilizing Moodle for student-centered instruction. This might be particularly interesting for those of you teaching in and around Berlin or Bonn: Susanne is available for school visits and on-site consultations. We know that Moodle and e-learning can become overwhelming at times. If you’d like an expert to visit your classroom and provide you with professional and quick hands-on input for using the Teach About US platform in your class, don’t hesitate to contact Susanne Schneider (natürlich sehr gerne auch auf Deutsch!). 
In addition, Moodle specialist Mary Cooch is currently offering an easy and interactive introduction to teaching with Moodle. Take a look at all materials following this link

Upcoming U.S. Election Teacher Training Seminars (updated)

In a series of teacher training seminars starting in March 2016, the project team will introduce you and your colleagues to the effective use of online learning tools and the Teach About US platform in your classes. American experts will brief you on the mysteries of the election process, issues, candidates, campaigns and the role of the media. The following dates have been confirmed. Join us for these events and explore how you and your students can become part of the project:
  • 03/03/2016 | Nürnberg:
    Teacher seminar on the U.S. Presidential Elections 2016, with Paul Rundquist, Christianna Stavroudis, Torben Schmidt
  • 03/11/2016 | Berlin:
    Teacher seminar on the U.S. Presidential Elections 2016, with Paul Rundquist, Christianna Stavroudis, Joannis Kaliampos
  • 03/16/2016 | Chemnitz:
    Teacher seminar on the U.S. Presidential Elections 2016, with Paul Rundquist, Christianna Stavroudis, Jeremy Fowler
  • 03/18/2016 | Rostock:
    Teacher seminar on the U.S. Presidential Elections 2016, with Paul Rundquist, Christianna Stavroudis, Joannis Kaliampos
  • 03/18-19/2016 | Magdeburg:
    Teacher Seminar on the U.S. Presidential Elections 2016, with Jeremy Fowler, U.S. Embassy Berlin
  • 04/14/2016 | Bad Berka
    Teacher Seminar on the U.S. Presidential Elections 2016, with Jeremy Fowler, U.S. Embassy Berlin
  • 05/2016 (date tbc) | Kiel
    Teacher Seminar by the Amerika-Gesellschaft Schleswig-Holstein, with Jeremy Fowler, U.S. Embassy, on Going Green and the Election Project
Please also stay tuned for more information about the upcoming U.S. Embassy Teacher Academy that will take place in May. More information, contact information for the events and updates are available directly on Teach About US.

From our Teach About US Blog

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