U.S. Embassy School Election Project: Follow-up

U.S. Embassy School Election Project: Follow-up

by Joannis Kaliampos -
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Dear U.S. Election Project participants,


An extremely eventful week here in Germany and especially in the U.S. is behind us and it took us some time to assemble and prepare all necessary information and documents for the project conclusion. At this time, we’d like to thank you with this email, provide information on certificates and competition entries, and invite you all to a final webinar with Dr. David Goldfield on Nov. 25, 2020. Also, we ask all participants in Germany (teachers and students) to take our feedback survey on the election project. Read more below:



Thank you again for a wonderful final event and your spontaneous effort to join live us with your students. The Teach About U.S. Team and our partners couldn’t have asked for a better, more engaging project conclusion under the current circumstances. We specifically want to thank our guests, Dr. Terri Towner and Dr. David Goldfield, as well as our project partners in Washington, D.C., Wood Powell and his team at the Transatlantic Outreach Program. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you, our participants, and reviewing your contributions. (Unfortunately, we were not able to record the event last week, making this a truly unique event.)



Students and teachers are invited to participate in a final meeting on the elections during Thanksgiving week. Once again, we will be joined by our expert Dr. David Goldfield to look back at an eventful election campaign and especially take a critical look at the election project. We would like to hear from you and your students what your experiences with the project are, what worked well and what didn’t, and what should be improved for our next project. The event will take place via Zoom.


More information will be announced in an upcoming newsletter and on our website.



The U.S. Embassy School Election Project has been a massive undertaking by various project partners and schools. We need your feedback to learn about what worked well and what didn’t and draw conclusions for future projects. We kindly ask all teachers and students to take a few moments and fill out our feedback form. Your contribution is vital to consolidate and improve this project.


Please forward the link to the student questionnaire to your students.



The Teach About U.S. Team is going to prepare award certificates for all award winners in the coming days. Since our team is not able to meet in person, this might take a bit longer than usual, but we will send you your certificate to your school address. (Please notify us if the certificates should be sent to a different address.) For groups awarded a joint or transatlantic award, we will send two certificates to the German school’s address, asking you to forward the certificates to your American partner schools.



For all participants, we’ve made certificates of participation available for download. We kindly ask you to print them out for your students or your classes.


(Please note: For correct display and best print results, pls. download the file and edit it on your computer, preferably with Adobe Acrobat Reader.)



We posted the results of our student competition early Monday morning and you can review the competition outcome and the students’ prediction on our website. From the press release:


“More than 5,000 German and American students already know the outcome of the U.S. elections: Joe Biden is going to be the 46th President of the United States of America. At today's online closing event for the U.S. Embassy School Election Project 2020, students will give their predictions for the election outcome state by state. Biden will receive 334 electoral votes while Donald Trump is projected to only receive 204 of the 538 electoral votes.  (…) This year, 195 courses submitted a forecast for their state shortly before the election, with each state being covered by multiple classes. The forecasts are not always unanimous, but a majority decision could be determined for each state. The students predicted Biden would win several key states, including Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Florida, all of which Trump carried in 2016.”

Read more on our website: https://www.teachaboutus.org/mod/book/view.php?id=33617


All project contributions can now be viewed in the Virtual Town Hall in the Database “Ballot Box” (where you also submitted your entry). Due to data security and copyright reasons, users must be registered to access these projects. If you don’t have access to the Virtual Town Hall yet, you will be prompted to enter the enrollment key: election

If you don’t have an account yet, please register on www.teachaboutus.org first, then enter the above enrollment key when accessing the competition entries.



Many of you have been featured in press reports related to the election and we’ve already received an impressive number of these reports in the days before the election. If newspapers, radio or TV stations or your school website reported about your participation, please share these reports with us. We will collect them on our website to further showcase your successes. If you are still being approached by media, feel free to also refer them to our press page for additional background information.



Again, we thank you all for this very exciting project and your continued interest and support for Teach About U.S.!


All the best,

Joannis Kaliampos



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