U.S. Embassy School Election Project Update 2020-08-06 (registration and user account)

U.S. Embassy School Election Project Update 2020-08-06 (registration and user account)

by Joannis Kaliampos -
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Dear Teachers, 

While most of you are still enjoying your well-deserved summer holidays, the first few Länder are returning to school these days and starting their participation in the election project. We welcome you all and wish you an exciting teaching and learning experience. At this point, we’d like to make an important announcement regarding your registration. 

The registration form for the project (until July) did not require you to log in on the Teach About U.S. platform. This means that you could submit your project registration without having your own user account on the platform. Please understand, for technical reasons, the registration for the school project and the creation of a user account on Teach About U.S. are separate. Because these processes can be easily confused, many participants falsely assumed they had already created a user account but in fact had only registered for the school project. 

Why is this important?

If you only want to use the materials from the openly accessible Moodle demo course, you do not necessarily need a Moodle account. If, however, you would like to use your own copy of the Moodle course, engage in forum discussions etc. in the Virtual Town Hall, or want your students to work online on the platform, then you do need to create a user account in addition to your project registration (if you haven’t already done so). The attached image shows where on the website you find the respective buttons. 

If you would like to use your own Moodle course:

Please directly message my colleague Katja Krüger (krueger@life-online.de), indicating that you’d like to use your own course copy and approximately when you’d like to begin your project participation (August, September), so she can prioritize the course requests accordingly. IMPORTANT: Before requesting a course, please make sure you have created a user account, so Ms. Krüger can enroll you as a teacher in your course. 

Please check our previous newsletters about the project for more information. We also have an FAQ section covering the most important questions regarding the registration and course enrollment procedures. Also, we just uploaded a series of short video tutorials for students on how to use the Moodle course (to be found in Moodle courses created as of today or in the Virtual Town Hall or here).

Finally, it is not too late to register. If you have colleagues who might be interested, feel free to forward the project information.


All the best,

Joannis Kaliampos


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