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The First Experts of the Week Post!

The First Experts of the Week Post!

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Alexandra Magaard // 22 September 2014 // #Experts #GoingGreen 

Hi students, it is the post you have all been waiting for… the experts of the week!

This coming week – September 22nd – 28th, the project will have three experts: the environmental political cartoon expert, Christianna Stavroudis, the ecologist and Kansas native, Shari Wilson and the culture studies Professor from University of Versailles, France, John Dean.

Christianna Stavroudis 

Christianna Stavroudis  

The first expert this week will be Christianna Stavroudis, an American native.  She graduated with a B.A. in applied linguistics from the University of Maryland-Baltimore Country and an M.S.c. in clinical linguistics from the University of Potsdam.

She is current lecturer of English language and linguistics at the Institute for British and North American Studies at the University of Greifswald.

Christina teaches a variety of courses, yet is specifically interested in German and American Political cartoons, concerning the environment. She will be your guide to political approaches and cultural perspectives framing the Environment. One of her current lectures is called “Green Ink: German and Political Cartoons on the Environment.”

She will be happy to answer your questions and will be helping from Greifswald, Germany.

Shari Wilson


The next expert this week is Shari Wilson. Shari is an expert in linking education and environmentalism towards activism and results.  She will provide specific advice regarding going green, education and community engagement. During her interview with our Going Green project, Wilson describes her previous experience as “projects in cities and schools where citizens have taken the lead.”

She recently founded her own company, “Project Central, LLC,” which will assist businesses and organizations in the fields ofthe arts, healthy communities, education, the environment. Shari has over twenty years of experience, and to put it in perspective, Shari’s experience dates back to 1993, the year that I was born (which I can personally say is a long time ago)!

Shari currently works in Kansas City. She will be happy to help any questions or concerns, and I have added a picture of Kansas City below – just so you all can get a sense of where Shari is coming from.

John Dean


The third expert of the week is John Dean. He is an American Studies and Cultural History Professor at the University of Versailles in France. John is, for lack of a better term, an overall expert. As he says himself, ask him anything – he knows it all! He can advise you on a variety of topics, from documentary films to ecology to education and even, American youth culture.

Dr. Dean has directed courses on U.S. Cultural Studies and also, provided guest lectures at teacher training workshops at the “Akademie für Lehrerfortbildung” in Dillengen, Germany.

John is specifically associated with the interested of culture, youth, social changes and the evolution of communication.  He has published on a variety of topics.  His most recent publications include: “Organized Crime in the U.S. from Prohibition to the Cold War,” “European Readings of American Popular Culture,” and “Culture and Technology.” John will be advising you all from his current base in Versailles, France, which is shown below.

So, don’t wait. Go to the Virtual Town Hall and ask your questions in the section “connect and discuss”! If you’re already logged-in on Moodle, just follow this link.

Good luck this week, students!

I think and hope the experts would echo me when I say: when the going gets tough, the tough go green.


Alexandra Magaard is a native of Wayzata, Minnesota and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and German Language from James Madison University. In 2014-15, Alex served as a virtual intern for the U.S. Embassy and the Teach About US blog’s first author. A passionate supporter of environmentalism and green topics, Alex says that her activism began when she built a replica of the Cathedral of Notre Dame out of re-used egg cartons for her art class at age eight. She is now working for a German company based in Washington D.C.