Introducing Our New Interns!

Introducing Our New Interns!

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The Teach About US Blogger Team: Liz Subrin, Janina Schmidt, Brandon Greenblatt, Tobias Luthe, Edgar Barrios, Emily Young; not pictured: Felix Wortmann.

All of us here at Teach About Us are very excited to resume work on this excellent project! We will begin to post content for the Election 2016 blog later this week, but, in the meantime, take a few minutes and get to know our new team of interns. They come from very diverse backgrounds, and we hope you'll enjoy learning from them over the next few months!

Joining the project this year are...


Liz Subrin (Butler University)Liz%20Subrin.png

Liz Subrin attends Butler University in Indiana and is studying Chemistry and Education. Liz is especially passionate about science and sharing her interests with other curious students, so she's very excited to work on this project!



Edgar Barrios (Florida State University)


Edgar Barrios is a student in Political Science at Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL. Edgar will give us great insights into State politics (e.g. close Senate races) in an important swing state, among other things.



Emily Young (University of Michigan)


Emily Young is a student in International Studies at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI. Emily loves photography and will contribute a photo series.



Tobias Luthe (Freie Universität Berlin/University of Minnesota)


Tobias Luthe is a student in North American Studies focusing on politics and economics at the John F. Kennedy Institute of the Freie Universität Berlin. He is spending the fall and spring semester 2016/17 at the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities Minneapolis-Saint Paul.


Felix Wortmann

Felix Wortmann is a high school student from Berlin and currently as an exchange student in Michigan exploring high school life there. Felix participated in Going Green together with his school class (and won an award). He will provide the "one step removed" perspective on the elections.


Also joining the Teach About Us team is Janina Schmidt, a graduate student in Germany. Janina will be collecting questions from Teach About Us participants and posting answers from a panel of experts assembled by Teach About Us. You can read more about Janina below!



Janina Schmidt (Leuphana University)


Janina Schmidt obtained her B.A. in teaching Economics and English as a Second Language (ESL) at Leuphana University Lüneburg in 2014. After earning her Master's degree (expected 09/2017), Janina intends to teach ESL as well as English for Specific Purposes with an economic focus at vocational schools. As a student assistant she currently supports the development of the U.S. Elections Project 2016.


Finally, Brandon Greenblatt, one of our Going Green interns from last year, will be returning to the project. You can read more about Brandon below!



Brandon Greenblatt (Georgetown University)


Brandon Greenblatt is a student majoring in International Affairs at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Brandon is passionate about environmental and political issues and is excited to be working with Teach About Us again!


We can't wait for another great year of the Teach About Us project with you all. Stay tuned for more content to be posted on this blog!


Brandon Greenblatt is a student majoring in International Affairs and studying German at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. and originally from Matthews, North Carolina. Brandon is no stranger to writing and publishing as the editor of the Western Europe section of The Caravel, Georgetown's international affairs newspaper.
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