Newsletter July/August 2023

Newsletter July/August 2023

by Taieb Oussaifi -
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Newletter July/August 2023

Dear subscribers,

We hope this newsletter finds you well and filled with the spirit of inspiration and growth. Today, we have exciting news to share as we announce the winners of the highly anticipated Going Green School Competition, which aims to foster environmental awareness and sustainability ethics and practices within our school communities in Germany and the United States.

We are delighted to unveil the exceptional projects and remarkable contributions made by our talented students in the pursuit of a greener future. Their ingenuity, passion and commitment to sustainability have truly left an inedible mark.

We concluded the Going Green project cycle and are proud to announce this year’s awardees. You can check them out on TAUS

#Going Green School Competition: The winning projects are…

  • The Going Green Sustainability Projects Award goes to Class 8a at GSG Unna goes green!  By the Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium / English and Biology, grade 8 / Unna
  • The Going Green Sustainability Campaign Award goes to Fast Fashion Awareness. By the Trave-Gymnasium / Grade 9 / Lübeck

#Honorable Mention:

  • The Going Green Best Graphic Design Appreciation Certificate goes to Food Waste? Think Twice. By the Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium / 10F, Seba Harb, Emily Pautz / Neubrandenburg

In our recently published blog post you’ll find a comprehensive overview of the competition, highlighting the outstanding projects and initiatives whose aim is to propel us to a more environmentally conscious future. We invite you to learn more about the inspiring ideas of our winners by reading our latest blog post “Celebrating Excellence! Announcing Going Green Winners of the School Competition 2022/23”

Congratulations to all winner and a big thank-you to the teachers and students who participated!

As we celebrate the success of the Going Green School Competition, we also want to extend a special invitation to all of you to join us in the upcoming edition of our school competition. This is your chance to ignite the spark of creativity in your students, encourage their passions, and empower them to make a difference! We highly encourage you to inspire and guide your students towards creating projects that resonate with their interests and align with sustainability ethics.

By participating in the school competition, you will have the opportunity to encourage collaboration and foster a culture of innovation. It is through these endeavors that we cultivate a vibrant and nurturing learning environment, where students develop invaluable skills, explore intriguing topics and contribute to the greater good.

Stay tuned for further announcements regarding the upcoming school competition. We look forward to your enthusiastic participation and the opportunity to celebrate your students’ outstanding achievements.

We also encourage you to share your success stories and initiatives related to environmental awareness and sustainability. We believe that by collectively celebrating and learning from one another’s experiences, we can create a network of support and inspiration. If you have any noteworthy projects, ideas, initiatives or suggestions to share, please feel free to reach out to us. We would be honored to highlight your endeavors in our future newsletters and blog posts. You can send your e-mails directly to our program manager, Taieb Oussaifi at

Thank you for your continued dedication to our students’ growth and for embracing the importance of instilling a sense of environmental responsibility within our school community.

With warm regards,

Taieb Oussaifi
on behalf of the Teach About U.S. Team and Partners