Celebrating Excellence! Announcing Going Green Winners of the School Competition 2022/23

Celebrating Excellence! Announcing Going Green Winners of the School Competition 2022/23

by Taieb Oussaifi -
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We are thrilled to commemorate the outstanding achievements and extraordinary talent showcased throughout the school year 2022/2023. It is with immense pleasure, pride and excitement that we announce the winners of the highly anticipated Going Green School Competition!

The Going Green School Competition has always been an eagerly awaited event, where students from various grades and disciplines come together to exhibit their skills, creativity and relentless determination. Over the course of the year, participants have embraced challenges and growth, surpassing expectations in their pursuit of excellence.

The competition spanned across a wide range of categories, encompassing academic process, artistic expression, community engagement and much more. Our selection panel faced difficulty in selecting the winners. We were captivated by the exceptional projects, performances and contributions put forth by our talented students, each reflecting their passions and dedication. The level of talent and the caliber of submissions were truly awe-inspiring, making our decision all the more difficult.

But after careful consideration and rigorous evaluation, we are elated to present the deserving winners who not only demonstrated exceptional skill, but also integrity, resilience and a commitment to making a positive impact.

The winning projects:

The Going Green Sustainability Projects Award goes to Class 8a at GSG Unna goes green! 

By the Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium / English and Biology, grade 8 / Unna

The class 8a comprises students aged 14-15 who worked in groups and brainstormed action plans aimed at fostering a greener environment within their families and neighborhood. Subsequently, they harnessed their creativity to develop a variety of projects and innovative ideas. Their efforts can be witnessed through a captivating padlet, showcasing the comprehensive collection of their inspiring ideas.

Screenshot of the "Clothes' Swap Party School Initiative!" (Action Plan Group 7: Category "Fahion/Toxic")

The Going Green Sustainability Campaign Award goes to Fast Fashion Awareness

By the Trave-Gymnasium / Grade 9 / Lübeck

This awe-inspiring exhibit serves as a powerful visual representation of the contrast between fast fashion and sustainable clothing practices. With meticulous attention to detail, the students have thoughtfully curated the display, ensuring it not only educates but also engages passersby, sparking meaningful conversations about the environmental and socio-economic impact of our clothing choices. But it doesn't stop there!! In their relentless pursuit of promoting sustainability, students have gone the extra mile. They have compiled a list of local thrift shops, second hand clothing stores and even upcoming fleamarkets, inviting the school community to embrace the delights of "pre-loved fashion" and fostering both personal style and waste reduction in harmony.

Thumbnail of the "Fast Fashion Awareness" movie.

Honorable Mention:

The Going Green Best Graphic Design Appreciation Certificate goes to Food waste? Think twice.

By the Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium / 10F, Seba Harb, Emily Pautz / Neubrandenburg 

An enthusiastic group of students embarked on a mission to tackle the pressing issue of food waste, uncovering the alarming statistic that one-third of all produced food goes to waste annually. Their research shed light on Germany's own challenges, with staggering 75 kiols per capita wasted each year. Recognizing the role of eating and shopping habits in exacerbating this problem, students took action by delivering a compelling presentation in their English class. They shared valuable insights, including proper food storage techniques, meal planning strategies, and the importance of checking one's fridge before purchasing additional groceries. Emphasizing that this issue affects everyone, regardless of their age or location, they inspired their peers to enact change. To raise awareness within their school, the students designed stickers featuring symbolic image of a hand holding an edible banana above a garbage can, accompanied by the powerful message "Think twice before wasting food!" Their plan involves printing and affixing these stickers to every garbage can in their school, aiming to prompt critical thinking and encourage their fellow students to reconsider discarding food unnecessarily.

Sticker "Think Twice before wasting food!"

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners, as well as our sincere appreciation to everyone who participated, supported and contributed to the success of the Going Green School Competition 2022/23. Your unwavering commitment to excellence continues to inspire us all. 

Stay tuned as we reveal the extraordinary talents and celebrate the triumphs of our students who have left an inedible mark on this school year. Through these initiatives, students aspire to make a tangible impact in their communities. These projects and contributions exemplify the profound importance of fostering citizenship, participation and active engagement in society. By addressing pressing issues life food waste and fast fashion, students demostrate their commitment to being responsible, aware and informed members in their communities. Through their initiatives, they not only raise awareness but also inspire meaningful change, encouraging others to take action and make a positive impact. These projects empower students to develop a sense of ownership and agency, recognizing their ability to contribute to a better - and more sustainable- world! By actively engaging in these endeavors, they become advocates for social and environmental causes, fostering a culture of responsibility and collectinve action. Their efforts serve as a testament to the transformative power of student-driven initiatives, showcasing the immense potential for youth to shape a brighter future.

In closing, we extend a heartfel invitation to all students and teachers to enthusiastically participate in the upcoming edition of our school competition. The remarkable achievements and inspiring projects we have witnessed in the current year have reminded us of the boundless creativity, talent and dedication within our school community. We encourage each and every one of you to embark on this incredible journey, unlocking your creative potential, and sharing your brilliant ideas with the world. Whether it's through academic pursuits, artistic endeavors or community engagement, the Going Green School Competition provides a platform  for YOU to showcase your passion, skills, and commitment to excellence.

Your participation is not just an opportunity of personal growth, it is also a chance to enrich the tapestry of your school's legacy. So let your imagination soar, let your talents shine and -most importantly- let your voice be heard! Get ready to embrace the Eco-challenges, unleash your potential and make the next edition of the school competition an even greater success. We look forward to witnessing your extraordinary contributions and celebrating your achievements. WE COUNT ON YOU!!

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