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2. Group work // Exploring the challenges DATABASE: Collages & posters of group work on research tasks

Post your results from the collage and poster tasks (modules 2.1, 2.2., 2.3, 2.4) here. Please provide the following information in the comment section to your poster or collage: 

  • What is shown in the individual images?
  • What is the general issue or topic that is depicted?
  • What is your approach or design rationale, i.e. how would you describe your work and your concept behind it in, let's say, an exhibition catalog?
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2.1 Plastic // Recycle TASK: What is this?

Take a look at these goods from a local farmers’ market somewhere in the U.S:

  • What could they be?
  • Who sells them and who might buy them?
  • Where do they come from?
  • Why are they sold at the market?

Comment in the field below each picture in "View single" (then click on "Comment")

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