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Teach About U.S. is an intercultural blended-learning platform and your one-stop destination for innovative project ideas on teaching American studies. We invite teachers and students on both sides of the Atlantic to explore new ways of learning English and to 'go green' together.

We are a cooperation by the U.S. Embassy Berlin, Leuphana University Lüneburg, and LIFE e.V. Our school projects have attracted over 10,000 participants and our professional development seminars have reached teachers in all parts of Germany. We are a proud recipient of the Hans Eberhard Piepho Prize and the Land of Ideas Award.

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Teach About U.S. invites teachers and students to participate in our award-winning projects. Our annual sustainability-oriented projects include “Going Green – Education for Sustainability,” the interdisciplinary project week curriculum "Power to the People," and our most recent addition, "Humboldt 250," a teaching unit on global citizenship and the legacy of German naturalist Alexander von Humboldt. In addition, every four years, the U.S. Embassy School Election Project calls German students to predict the outcome of the U.S. presidential election. In 2020, the “U.S. Embassy School Election Project 2020" attracted over 5000 participants.


U.S. Embassy School Election Project
U.S. Embassy School Election Project

German students adopt a U.S. state and participate in a mock election of the U.S. President.

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Going Green
Education for Sustainability

A multiple-weeks long project on developing green actions in the community.

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Who is it for?

Teach About U.S. is geared towards the English-as-a-foreign-language and CLIL classrooms, but we encourage STEM and social science teachers to use our materials as well. While allowing for systematic foreign language instruction at all stages, our school project curricula are content-based and can be connected to other school subjects. 

Our School projects are compatible with German curricula for the subject English. (For more information on curriculum integration, review the individual school projects.) 

Invite your U.S. or Germany-based partner school to participate in a 'transatlantic tandem' or find exchange partners via our platform!

Teach About U.S. Blog

Our platform also include the Teach About U.S. Blog, which features for fresh, creative, yet sometimes unexpected insights into U.S. politics and culture. Our bloggers report on current events and developments in the U.S. Their blog posts and reports accompany our school projects; their perspectives are unique and authentic insights into the views and perceptions of your students' American peers. We also welcome guest blog Posts by you, our participants. This is a great opportunity to share your project experience or give follow-up Reports on your action plans. 

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With these features, Teach About U.S. is not only a source of exciting and worthwhile teaching materials on English language and U.S. culture—it also offers a systematic introduction of educational technology and blended learning into your classrooms. We hope you enjoy browsing this platform, using teaching materials with your students or classmates, and interacting with learners and partners beyond classroom borders.