TASK: Participate in the Student Competition

In this task, you wil...
    • present your prediction in a creative product;
    • submit your product to the U.S. Election Project student competition.


Design a creative product

In addition to the prediction, participate in the student competition by producing and submitting a creative product which should illustrate your vote.

   Possible types of products
  • collage/painting
  • political cartoon or comic
  • photo/snapshot
  • film (do not exceed 60 seconds)
  • jingle, song, or poem (do not exceed 60 seconds)
  • website or blog
  • newspaper page
  • a set of three to five campaign materials, e.g. for an election party for your candidate (items may include flyer, button, poster, bumper sticker etc.)


Competition criteria

Your product should:

  • be in English or bilingual (German and English);
  • focus on your state (for example, its culture, socioeconomic factors, demographics, local media, etc.) or ideally apply the unique perspective of the citizens in your state;
  • reference your research findings;
  • be submitted on behalf of your whole course (multiple entries per course are not possible)
  • be submitted by Sunday, October 30, 2016, midnight, via Moodle (see DATABASE: Ballot box & competition in the Virtual Town Hall);


   Please note:

Materials and contents of your product may not infringe upon copyright law. You may use copyright-free music and visual materials and must attribute the sources (see declaration of authorship when submitting in the DATABASE: Ballot box & competition; a list of copyright-free resources can be found in the Virtual Town Hall in the section 'More links, tools, and resources'). Contributions that do not meet these criteria will not be accepted for the competition.

Representatives of participating courses will have the opportunity to present their prediction at a concluding student meeting organized by the U.S. Embassy or Consulates and their partners. (These events are by invitation only; more details will be posted on Teach About U.S. in October.)