TASK: The Electoral System – Step by Step

In this task, you will...
    • focus on the individual steps a candidate has to take in order to become the President of the U.S.
    • research one of these phases in expert groups; then brief your classmates on your findings; finally create a quiz about the electoral system.


1    Group Research    

Split up into expert groups focusing on one of the following stages of the election cycle (1-4) and research them using the provided texts.

   Expert groups
  1. Primary elections
  2. Political party conventions
  3. Election Day
  4. After the Elections: Presidential Inauguration

Indicate your choice in the CHOICE: Electoral System Expert Groups

Read the provided texts/materials for your group (below). First, address any language comprehension questions that might arise while reading. Then, discuss and answer the guiding questions together with your group members. Work closely with the text—if an aspect is unclear, find a passage in the text that addresses this issue.

   Guiding questions
  • What is your election stage? When during the election cycle does it take place?
  • What exactly happens during this stage?
  • Who is affected and what are the consequences of this stage?


2    Presentation      

Prepare to present your findings in the form of…

  • …a poster that will be on display next to your classmates’ results for later reference and a short oral presentation (3 minutes).
  • …a jigsaw-puzzle discussion, where everyone in your group will have to present your findings to other classmates.
  • …a chapter in the Project Journal.


While listening to or reading your classmates’ presentations, complete the grid about the phases of the election, for instance as in this example:

Phase of election
What happens?
Who is affected? What are the consequences?


3    Electoral System Quiz  

Together with your classmates, produce a quiz on the electoral system. In each of the expert groups, formulate at least five short-answer or multiple-choice questions. You can do this offline on paper, or directly online in Moodle.

If you want to produce an online quiz in Moodle: Your teacher must complete these preparations for creating a Moodle quiz (click here). There is also a very simply slideshow tutorial available:



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