★ TASK: Electing the U.S. President

In this task, you will...
    • learn about how the 'POTUS' is elected, who votes, how votes are counted, and what role individual states play in this process;
    • collect information from videos and texts and brief your classmates on different phases of U.S. elections.


1    Electing a U.S. President       

a.  Pre-viewing

Discuss the topic of U.S. Presidential elections in class and collect what you already know about this process. For example, you could create a mind-map in class, make notes on index cards and sort them on the blackboard, or fill out a K-W-L chart on the election process. Whatever you decide to do, note down the questions you have about this process so you can address them in the remainder of this task.


b.  While viewing

Watch the video “Electing a US President in Plain English” (below) and fill out the viewing guide for this video.


c.  Post-viewing

Discuss what happens during the individual steps of the election. Revisit your initial questions about the process and check whether they have been answered or still remain unclear.


2    Focus on the electoral college        

To learn more about the role of the electoral college, watch the video “Does your vote count? The Electoral College explained” (below) and fill out the viewing guide while watching. Watch the video again if necessary. Discuss your results with a partner first and then with the rest of the course.



Read the pamphlet, “U.S. Elections: Electoral College”, by the U.S. State Department for more information on the role of the electoral college.



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