TASK: Who Would You Vote For?

In this task, you will get started with the U.S. Election Project by taking a quiz and finding out which of the candidates most reflects your political views, and discussing your findings with classmates.


1    Take a quiz  

The race for the U.S. Presidency is a global media event. People around the world will tune in to follow the presidential debates, comment on, like, and share election news on social media, and anticipate the decision on Election Day.

Although non-U.S. citizens are ‘only’ spectators of this event—they are not allowed to cast a vote in November—they certainly have a political preference. What’s yours? Find out by taking the President quiz on the Societly website and see which candidate would best represent your political views.  

Note: Please skip the registration towards the end of the quiz.


2    Fill out the poll  

Now, share your initiatial thoughts on the outcome of the election. That is, if you were allowed to vote, who would you vote for? And secondly, who do you think will the majority in your state vote for?

To this end, fill out both polls for this task:

What are the results of both polls? Do you all agree? Are there any surprises?


3    Discuss in class  

After taking the quiz, discuss the following questions in class—or in the FORUM: First Assumptions. Answer the following questions.

   Discussion questions
  • For whom, do you think, will your state's citizens vote on Election Day? And why?
  • What do you need to know in order to make a precise prediction? What sources should you consult?
  • How can you put yourself into someone else's shoes? How can you make a prediction from someone's perspective who does not share your political views? How could you solve this problem?