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1. What is sustainability? File TEXT: Environmental policies in the United States
TEXT: Environmental Policies in the United States

Taken from: Holt Environmental Science (2004)Holt, Rinehart & Winston, URL: 
File TEXT: The importance of the individual
TEXT: The Importance of the Individual

Taken from: Holt Environmental Science (2004)Holt, Rinehart & Winston, URL: 
Page RESOURCE: Video messages from the Going Green experts
2.1 Plastic // Recycle Page RESOURCE: Catch of the day (The Surfrider Foundation)
5. Tips, resources, and tools File TIP: Analyzing cartoons
File TIP: Conducting research
File TIP: Doing project work
File TIP: Giving presentations
File TIP: Linking ideas and sentences (vocabulary)
File TIP: Solving a mediation task
File TIP: Writing an article
URL TIP: Materialien zum selbständigen, standardorientierten Lernen - interaktive Version
A PDF with forms you can click on an save.
Folder RESOURCE: Political cartoons

 Download the political cartoons for the analysis.

URL RESOURCE: A Research Guide for Students and Teachers

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URL RESOURCE: Lexikon der Nachhaltigkeit

 Take a look at this German glossary on sustainability by the Aachen Foundation Kathy Beys.

URL TOOL: Fotor | Free online photo editor

 Produce your photo collage with this simple web tool.
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